Welcome to “Veteran Families.”

More than 95% cases solved with success


Talking about Problems.

Starts with a coffee and a chat with one of the Families Support Offices, all are Ex Forces or Wives of Ex Forces, so they understand were your coming from.


Ongoing Discussion.

On the phone or in person at the drop-in centres, to find the best solution to your problem or if its mental health referral into their mental health services.


Solving the Problem.

There is no time limits on the support offered, we work with you until we find a solution to your problem.

A problem shared
is a problem halved
By working with the Families Veteran Support Team it seemed like all of my problems disappeared.

Drop-in Centres

If your part of the veteran community why don't you join our Families Club

Peer Support

We call our support groups the ‘Let’s Talk Project’.

Support back to work

Sometimes we just need a little support to get back into work or volunteer placements

SMART Recovery

This is for families affected by or experiencing addiction issues

Children’s Counselling Services

Young people may need help with a wide range of issues.

Adult Counselling Services

Counselling and Psychotherapy are talking therapies. We provide support to adults

Relationship Counselling

All relationships have ups and downs. Sometimes, we just need to talk.

Woodlands Therapy

Taking mental health services outside and helping make that first step.

Marching On

The adventure never ends just because we leave the Armed Forces

Women’s Centre

Our Women’s only centres provides information, advice and support to women.

Success Stories

Sometimes you just need someone who understands you and knows what it's like to leave the Armed Forces, and sometimes we just need someone to listen.