Welcome to “Veteran Families.”

More than 95% cases are seen within two weeks


Talking about Problems.

Starts with a coffee and a chat with one of the families support officers, or call them, what's ever easiest for you, all Ex Forces or wives so they understand where your coming from and are here to help.


Ongoing Discussion.

On the phone or in person at the drop-in centres, to find the best solution to your problem or if its mental health referral into their mental health services.


Analysis Problem.

Looking at the best way we can support you and your family and solving the problem together.


Solving the Problems.

There is no time limits on the support offered, we work with you until we find a solution to your problem.

Veterans Families is a project of the Mental Health charity Anxious Minds

Anxious Minds is a charity (registration number: 1164040), located in North Tyneside and directly provides a range of Mental Health support services to people in emotional distress across the North East.

We are the largest local provider of counselling services outside of statutory provision in North Tyneside. The charity was established in 2015 by our Chief Officer, (Edward Dean), drawing on his own experience of trying to access mental health services after leaving the Armed Forces, following 22 years of service. Edward found it extremely difficult to access the support that he needed from local mental health services, facing extensive waits for treatment (over 2 years) and ultimately finding that the treatment that he needed simply wasn’t available.

Edward combines his personal lived experience with a passion for improving the availability and quality of local mental health provisions to make sure that no one ever has to struggle with mental health problems alone.

We believe in the following steps to support veteran families.


When a vulnerable member of a veteran family is in crisis and needs support, it’s our aim to get them the support they need quickly. Early intervention is the key to making a full recovery or learning to manage your condition. Unlike other veteran charities who need to refer you on to get the support you need. We have teams of professional counsellors and psychotherapists and addiction support workers. We aim to support you as quickly as possible.


Through our radio stations broadcasting across the North East, Nova Radio & AM Radio North East and our award-winning blog, media outreach and social media presence, we’re committed to highlighting the health needs of veteran families. Understanding the early signs of mental health or addiction issue's is the first step in recognising it. When these issues have been recognised and diagnosed they are much easier to manage.


The worst-case scenario is the feeling of isolation. Through our peer support programs, we’re able to catch people at their most isolated and vulnerable and support them quickly with our professional services. It is our belief that successful long term recovery and learning to manage your condition needs early intervention


This project was started with a little funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.

This is what the Prime Minister had to say about the project
Eddie Dean, from Newcastle, used his army pension to fund his charity ‘Anxious Minds’ and help other veterans struggling with mental health issues. In a personal letter to Eddie, Prime Minister Theresa May said: “You have shown remarkable dedication in ensuring veterans can access mental health support with your charity ‘Anxious Minds’. You know from first-hand experience what a difference this help can make and now, thanks to your hard work, veterans living in the North East can also benefit from this same support. I want to thank you for your inspiring commitment to supporting men and women, like yourself, who have risked their lives to serve our country.



    Please try to book an appointment with one of our families officers, for one-to-one support or you can always drop into our Centre in Wallsend shopping forum Fridays and Saturdays

    Monday - Saturday                      10.00 am - 15.00 pm

    Sunday                                         Closed


    As members of the Armed Forces Community we understand just what it's like to leave the Armed Forces and re-settle back here in the North East.


    Success Stories

    Sometimes you just need someone who understands you and knows what it's like to leave the Armed Forces, and sometimes we just need someone to listen.