Welcome to Veteran Families Crisis Support Service

with more than 95% of veteran families reqesting counselling are seen within two weeks.


Talking about Problems.

Starts with a coffee and a chat with one of the Families Support Officers, all are Ex Forces or Wives of Ex Forces, so they understand where your coming from.


Ongoing Discussion.

On the phone or in person at the drop-in centres, to find the best solution to your problems or if its mental health referral into our mental health services.


Solving the Problem.

There are no time limits on the support we offer, we work with you until we find a solution to your problems or your feeling ready to move on

Make An Appointment


    Our Counsellors and Psychotherapists hold a minimum of level 5 in Person-Centred Counselling and most of The Veteran Team are trained specialists and have additional training including Abuse, Children’s Counselling, Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder up to PhD level and are all registered with the BACP.

    Please try to book if you can by calling the office or filling in the online form to make an appointment with one of Our Families Officers.

    Monday - Friday                      9.30 am - 16.30 pm

    Saturday & Sunday                  Closed



    Veteran Families goal is to use technology and the power of community to improve the mental health of veteran families across the North East. The hope is that we can provide fast access into our support network, providing both peer support and professional services for counselling and addiction. This in return will lead to families living a more productive, healthier, happier lives and reduce the number of self-harm incidents and suicides in military families.

    Our services are both veteran and family focussed, recognising that when one person in the family is struggling with mental health or addiction this can affect the whole family and acknowledges that it can be very difficult for veteran families leaving the services to find support for themselves and their children. This servce is multi-faceted and provides none judgmental professional support for mental health and addiction for veteran families in crisis and advice services and support on making claims, family Law and support back into work.

    Women’s Centre

    Our Women’s only centres provides information, advice and support to women.

    Marching On

    The adventure never ends just because we leave the Armed Forces

    Woodlands Therapy

    Taking mental health services outside and helping make that first step.

    Relationship Counselling

    All relationships have ups and downs. Sometimes, we just need to talk.

    Adult Counselling Services

    Counselling and Psychotherapy are talking therapies. We provide support to adults

    Children’s Counselling Services

    Young people may need help with a wide range of issues.

    We provide both professional and peer support services

    All of our Counsellors and Psychotherapists are members of the BACP – a professional association for members of the counselling professions in the UK, who exist for one simple reason – counselling changes lives.